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Melissa water natural (Melissa officinalis)


Appearance free flowing transparent liquid  
Colour colourless to pale yellow   
Odor specific, of melissa  
Relative density, g/cm3 from 0,990 to 1,050  
Refractive index (20 °C) from 1,3330 to 1,3370  
Essential oil content , % not less than 0,025  
Ethanol content, % not more than 4%  
Identity (by GC) of citral 
Number/1 cm3 product
not more than 1000 
Moulds and yeasts
Number/1 cm3 product
not more than 100   
Morbid microorganisms (St.aureus ,Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas aeroginosa) not allowed


Therapeutic Properties: 
Melissa water gives freshness and energy. Obtained through distillation of fresh Melissa petals of Melissa officinalis L., Melissa water is calming, relaxing tonic with useful and soothing effect for normal skin. Three liters of Melissa water natural added to 37-40°C hot water bath or jacuzzi calms and relaxis the mind and body when worried and tired. Melissa water is useful for irritated skin. A soaked pad on the face hydrates and revitalizes the skin. The Melissa water leaves a feeling of softness.