Chamomile german water natural. Alta Oils

Chamomile german water natural (Matricaria recutita)


Appearance  free flowing transparent liquid  
Colour colorless to pale yellow  
Odor fresh, herbal, specific, of German chamomile  
Relative density, g/cm3 from 0,990 to 1,050  
Refractive index (20 °C) from 1,3330 to 1,3370  
Essential oil content , % not less than 0,025  
Ethanol content, % not more than 4%  
Identity (by GC) of farnesene, chamazulene and bisabolol oxide  
Number/1 cm3 product
not more than 1000 
Moulds and yeasts
Number/1 cm3 product
not more than 100   
Morbid microorganisms (St.aureus, Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas aeroginosa) not allowed


Therapeutic Properties: 
This natural product has an unique influence. Obtained through distillation of chamomile petals Matricaria recutita chamomile water is a natural tonic with relaxing effect. Three liters chamomile water natural added to 37-40°C hot water bath or jacuzzi has an useful, relaxing effect on mind and body. Helps to overcome stress, fatigue and irritability. A soaked pad on the face energizes, refreshes and revitalizes dry and sensitive skin.  Rubbing the roots of washed hair with chamomile water gives shine and softness.