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This product is made with 100 % natural Lavender Water, which is produced in our own distillery in The Valley of Roses. Lavender water is antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic. It helps nourish the skin by neutralizing the drying effect of the alcohol in the product.

Lavender water is one of the most effective antibacterial products that is completely natural.

The main advantages of the antibacterial hand gel Alta Oils Ltd are:

• Extremely effective antibacterial effect on the skin of the hands;

•After you apply the gel, it immediately penetrates the skin and kills the bacteria in the pores;

•The lavender water provides nourishment of the skin and neutralizes the drying effect of the alcohol in the product;

• When applied, the product creates an unique protective layer on the skin of the hands, which protects against subsequent bacterial attacks for a long period of time;

• Suitable for long-term daily use;

• The product also has subsequent beneficial effects as a result of the 100 % natural Lavender Water in it.